Platinum Programming 107D Plus

Platinum Programming 107D Plus, or Albage for short, is the revolutionary lightening component of the all-new Color Fantasy system. Albage is not a traditional bleach.  Traditional bleach damages the hair while it lifts. Albage is a lightener which incorporates Bioprogramming technology at the 107D level, the highest level used to date in any Bioprogramming product.
** Please note, when used on natural virgin hair, Platinum Programming 107D Plus achieves a beautiful lift.  Do not use Platinum Programming 107D Plus on previously damaged hair.  In this case, we recommend treating the hair with HairTimecess to repair and restore the hair to a healthy state prior to use.  Please contact us with further questions or concerns!

The Albage Bundle comes with Powder Lightener and 2 Developers.  Choose between 2.0 or 6.0 in developer. A kit contains Powder Lightener and 2 Developers. 


Albage 107D | Powder Lightener
17.6 oz. | 500 g

and choice of:

(2) Albage 107D Developer 20V
16.9 fl.oz. | 500 mL


(2) Albage 107D Developer 10V
16.9 fl.oz. | 500 mL


Instructions for use of Platinum Programming 107D Plus:
1. Always fold the powder and developer together, do not whisk when mixing. This will reduce product
expansion as you are not introducing more oxygen than necessary.
2. Do not use any metal implements when mixing. A tint brush or spatula is recommended for the best
3. For the best results, detoxing the hair completely of minerals prior to blonding application is necessary
to ensure the most incredible canvas for a more even lift.
4. For foil applications, use a 1:1 mixing ratio of .5oz powder and .5oz developer.
5. The smaller the batch, the more consistent and effective the product will be. When mixing a larger
such as 1oz powder and 1 oz developer, the product may weaken and lose its lifting power over time
sitting in the bowl, oxidizing.
6. On hair levels 6 and below, always use Albage 20 volume developer and expect to process for one
hour. Hair levels 3 and below will likely require additional saturation and an extended processing time.
7. When mixing for a balayage, wet balayage, or retouch application, a ratio of 1:1.5 (being .5oz to .75
is preferred.
8. No additional heat sources are recommended. You may place a towel over the foils to incubate and
expedite the process, using the natural heat from the scalp.
9. Typical processing time ranges from 15-45 minutes on natural hair levels 7 and above. On hair levels
6 and below or when lifting through color, 30+ minutes of processing time is expected.
10. Once the desired level of lift has been achieved, rinse and shampoo with HairTimecess shampoo
Follow up with the entire HairTimecess line and Bioprogramming beauty devices.