Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer, yes you can use hair product, but it is not necessary. The devices act as their own conditioning treatment while working on your hair, so adding product is just layering more "stuff" in your hair. If you are performing a heat test to showcase the techonology or keeping the devices held on the hair for longer that 30 second, do not use product or the product will burn. 

Bioprogrammed Devices are in a league of their own. They are reversing heat damage with the technology that has been integrated into the ceramic plates of the devices, while still styling your hair. For that specific reason, they deserve to be in their own category.

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The density of technology that was able to be integrated into the ceramics of your devices. We like to compare to an iPhone, with every level higher you are getting more technology to maximize your results.

Please email us here. We will review your documents and let you know once you are approved! You can then place orders for yourself and your clients via our portal.

Bioprogramming is the name of the technology that has been put into your devices.

How do you normally style your hair? Are you air-drying and then going over with a curl? If so, we would suggest starting with the HAIRBEAURON CURL. Do you blow-dry your hair everyday? Choose the REPRONIZER.

By pulling moisture from your own body working on a Quantum Level. We know it's crazy but so awesome! Check out these videos of demonstration done in Japan:

7 days to return the devices if they have been unopened. 

6 month warranty with the option to extend to 18 months via Lumielina's website. Click here for Lumielina Warranty

*To submit a warranty claim email

No, we do not offer bundles or have sales on the devices. For wholesale accounts this is actually a wonderful thing, because we allow you to organically grow your retail business without an overhead.

All the HAIRBEAURON CURLS (3D, 4D, 7D) and REPRONIZER 7D Plus are universal voltage. So you will need to provide an adaptor (for the plugs) but not a converter (for the voltage).