3D HairBeauron Straight Bundle


This bundle includes 3 HairBeauron Straight 3D devices. 

*There is a slight gap between the plates in 3D Plus [STRAIGHT] which will disappear with repeated use. This is intentionally designed to eliminate unintended warping by allowing room for the plates to naturally close as a result of the introduction of heat and repeated use. When customers first use the HAIRBEAURON 3D & 4D Plus [STRAIGHT], we recommend warming the plates to maximum heat. This will make them significantly easier to close. With time, the ends will move closer and eventually, they will close fully and will be easier to close, even while cool.

 Denaturation of hair proteins will occur when a high temperature of 360°F is applied to hair. Hair may even break off after 10 to 20 seconds. However, by using the HAIRBEAURON 3D Plus [STRAIGHT] at a high temperature of 360°F for an extended period of time, hair transforms into something beautiful.

※If you apply the high-temperature device to hair treated with coating agents or oils, their components may cause chemical changes due to the heat and damage hair. Please do not use in this way. By straightening the same section of unruly hair at a high temperature on a daily basis, you will experience increased luster and moisture and long-lasting straight hair with a silk-like texture.


 **We do not recommend the 3D level for behind the chair use, Best for at home maintenance** 

 (  Total savings: $205,  Retail value per device: $330.00)