3D HairBeauron Curl Bundle

Complete Bundle
Mixed Bundle


This Bundle includes 3 HairBeauron 3D Curl devices with your choice of a complete bundle in a 1" barrel size or 1.4" barrel size. Now available in a mixed size bundle. 

The HAIRBEAURON [CURL], equipped with the “Bioprogramming” proprietary technology, beautifully adds shine and moisture to hair, even by clamping hair for 30 seconds at 360°F. You will be able to notice a visible change in your hair from root to tip, just by clamping a section of hair for an extended period of time. Bioprogramming technology makes hair beautiful by increasing the density. The more you use the device, the greater the lustre and moisture. Enjoy beautiful, shiny hair with a silk-like feel. If you apply the high-temperature HAIRBEAURON to hair treated with coating agents or oils, their components may cause chemical changes due to the heat and damage hair. Please do not use in this way. 

(Total Savings $248,  Retail value per device: $350.00)


 **We do not recommend the 3D series level for behind the chair use. Best used for at home maintenance as these devices contain the lowest density of Bioprogramming technology currently available**