The REPRONIZER 27D Plus currently represents the most advanced level of Bioprogramming technology in the REPRONIZER. At the 27D level, experience the fastest possible transformation in hair quality, with the most pronounced increase in moisture and shine, decrease in friction, and zero damage to your hair.

The REPRONIZER 27D Plus also features Universal Voltage, allowing the device to be safely used in most countries. Through the power of the 27D level of technology, delve deeper than ever before into your journey to Honshitsubi.




  • Fastest drying time among REPRONIZER devices
  • All-new detachable nozzle that twists into place with an inverted attachment point for a smooth aesthetic when detached from the unit
  • Universal Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Three digital air speed buttons
  • Cool/Hot Temperature switch button
  • Glossy purple/black finish
  • Slim and Sleek Design

How to Use the REPRONIZER

  1. For a basic, beautiful dry
    Run your fingers through your hair while drying to ensure that air from the REPRONIZER reaches the roots.

  2. For a healthy and conditioned look
    Use on dry hair. Blow air from the REPRONIZER on to the roots where volume is lacking, where hair tends to split, or on areas of hair that are dull and lifeless.

    Switch between hot and cool air in equal intervals, following the natural flow of your hair.

  3. Use the Mitsudonose technique on areas you wish to change
    For areas of hair which are frizzy, twisted, oddly bent, or do not lay flat, the key is to use the Mitsudonose technique. The Mitsudonose technique can be used by switching between hot and cool air in equal intervals on the areas you wish to change.