HairBeauron 27D Plus Curl

Barrel Size

The HAIRBEAURON 27D Plus [CURL] currently represents the most advanced level of Bioprogramming technology. At the 27D level, experience the fastest possible transformation in hair quality, with the most pronounced results and zero damage to your hair.

The HAIRBEAURON 27D Plus [CURL] also features Universal Voltage, allowing the device to be safely used in most countries. Through the power of the 27D level of technology, delve deeper than ever before into your journey to Honshitsubi.



  • Universal Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Significantly faster heating time than previous devices
  • Available in two sizes: S-Type (1.0 in.) / L-Type (1.4 in.)
  • Glossy purple/black finish



  1. Turn on the power and select the desired temperature. Take a section of hair and hold it around the middle of the barrel, using the clamp, and smoothly slide the device down the length of your hair to the ends.
    Do not apply any styling products to your hair when using the HAIRBEAURON [CURL] (using the device on hair treated with coating agents or oils may damage hair). After confirming the condition of your hair, start with a low temperature and gradually increase to the desired temperature setting.

  2. Support the head (at the end of the device) with your hand and rotate the device so that hair wraps around the barrel.

  3. To release the hair, partially open the clamp while lowering the device.