Equipped with the “Bioprogramming” proprietary technology, the REPRONIZER makes your hair beautiful, lustrous, and shiny without damaging your hair. One of the characteristics of the Bioprogramming technology that makes hair beautiful is its ability to increase its density. The longer you use the Repronizer, the point of density increases. Instead of damage, your hair will become shinier, and more beautiful.

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(Retail: $520.00)

How To Use

How to Use the REPRONIZER

1. Use to beautify dry hair

Run your fingers through your hair while drying to ensure that air from the REPRONIZER reaches the roots.

2. Use as a “beauty device for hair”

Use on dry hair. Blow air from the REPRONIZER on to the roots where volume is lacking, where hair tends to split, or on areas of hair that are dull and lifeless. For beautiful hair, switch between hot and cool wind, following the natural flow of your hair.

3. Use the Mitsudonose technique on areas you wish to change

Switch between using cool and hot air on areas of the hair which are frizzy, twisted, oddly bent, or do not lay flat. The key is to use the Mitsudonose technique, which involves repeatedly switching between cool and hot air.


How to Increase the P-Value 
(Power to Become Beautiful)
1. Increase the D (Density)
The higher the level of Bioprogramming, the higher the density. By using together with other Bioprogramming products, the density is even further intensified (Mitsudonose technique).
2. Lengthen the t (Time)
The density of the quantum field is maintained the more time (t) the device is used, increasing hair’s power to become beautiful.

Limited Warranty

Manufacturer’s Limited 6-month Warranty
Extended Warranty 1.5 Years※

※By registering the device, the six (6) month warranty is extended to eighteen (18) months when used correctly in accordance with the 
Bioprogramming Safety Guide and Operating Manual.