The HAIRBEAURON 4D Plus [CURL], equipped with the “Bioprogramming” proprietary technology, beautifully adds shine and moisture to hair, even by clamping for 30 seconds at 360°F. You will be able to notice a visible change in your hair from root to tip, just by clamping a section of hair for an extended period of time.

※ If you apply the high-temperature device to hair treated with coating agents or oils, their components may cause chemical changes due to the heat and damage hair. Please do not use in this way.


(Retail: $450.00)

How To Use

How to Use the HAIRBEAURON

1. Hair Becomes Beautiful at a High Temperature of 360°F

In general, denaturation of hair proteins will occur when a high temperature of 360°F is applied to hair. Hair may even break off after 10 to 20 seconds. However, by using the HAIRBEAURON [STRAIGHT] at the high temperature of 360°F for an extended period of time, hair transforms into something beautiful.

※If you apply the high-temperature HAIRBEAURON to hair treated with coating agents or oils, their components may cause chemical changes due to the heat and damage hair. Please do not use in this way.

※Please do not clamp a section of hair for more than 30 seconds when using the  high-temperature setting.

2. From Kinky, Frizzy Hair to Beautiful Straight Hair

By straightening the same section of unruly hair at a high temperature on a daily basis, you will experience increased luster and moisture and long-lasting straight hair with a silk-like texture.

3. Enjoy Straight Hair Without High Temperatures

You can create straight hair even at low temperatures. The straight hair you create in the morning will last all day. If it is difficult to straighten hair at the low temperature of 120℉ due to hair type, or depending on how long your straight hair lasts, try the medium temperature range 180~240℉. If you wish to create very straight hair, please set the temperature to 360℉.

4. Create Beautiful Hair, Even in the Off-Mode

You can add beautiful luster to hair, just by sliding the plates of the device through your hair and without turning the power on.

5. Anyone No Matter Their Age Can Have Beautiful Hair

From teens who struggle with unruly hair, to people in their eighties who are perplexed by dull and lifeless hair, people from a wide age-range can create beautifully straight hair with shine and buoyancy.


How to Increase the P-Value 
(Power to Become Beautiful)
1. Increase the D (Density)
The higher the level of Bioprogramming, the higher the density. By using together with other Bioprogramming products, the density is even further intensified (Mitsudonose technique).
2. Lengthen the t(Time)

The density of the quantum field is maintained the more time (t) the device is used, increasing hair’s power to become beautiful.

Limited Warranty

Manufacturer’s Limited 6-month Warranty
Extended Warranty 1.5 Years※

※By registering the device, the six (6) month warranty is extended to eighteen (18) months when used correctly in accordance with the 
Bioprogramming Safety Guide and Operating Manual.